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Nina Delvaux

"Her allure was a melody, and I, 

a willing captive,

swayed to the rhythm of her every sin,

intoxicated by the music

of our shared whims."

Small. Soft. Sweet

Welcome to my world. I am the perfect sophisticated yet easygoing date, and I would love to explore whatever fantasies, kinky or otherwise, you have in mind!


My style is timeless and elegant. I have a petite physique with roller-coaster curves and a radiant smile. I am often told that my presence and demeanour are the perfect mix of sweet and youthful, yet sexy and feminine. Soft copper hair, natural makeup, and a captivating fragrance complement my look.


 Always thirsty for new knowledge, I have a particular interest in art, architecture, design, and psychology. Highly versatile, I effortlessly morph to the rhythm of any scenario, crafting an atmosphere where your ease and pleasure take center stage. I bring a warm presence, love a good sense of humour, enjoy deep conversations, and will always listen to you with an open mind and an empathetic ear.



Dubai 11-20 February 2024

Amsterdam  14-16 March 2024

London 25-28 March 2024

Paris 21-23 April 2024

Vienna 23-24 April 2024

Firenze 13-18 May 2024


The evening spent with Nina was magical. We had already exchanged a few words before our meeting, and the connection was immediate.


In addition to being stunningly beautiful, Nina is a joyful, open-minded, funny, and empathetic woman. We experienced no lulls during the evening, no "awkward silences" in our conversations, to the point where we lost track of time. As for our moments of intimacy, I will keep them to myself, simply describing them as wonderful.


Thank you, Nina, you are a fantastic woman, and getting to know you is both a joy and an honor. P.

"To live is the rarest thing in the world.
Most people exist, that is all."

Oscar Wilde

Explore unparalleled luxury with Nina Delvaux, your gateway to elite travel companionship. Immerse yourself in the ultimate girlfriend experience, where Nina's captivating charm, petite frame, and vibrant personality promise enchantment. Whether you're drawn to classic refinement or daring kink, Nina, based in Brussels, elevates high-class escort standards. Embark on an adventure with luxury escort Nina Delvaux, where every encounter is a curated exploration of desire and sophistication.

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