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Respect and consideration create a positive experience. I kindly ask you to follow these guidelines to keep things enjoyable for both of us. Not following them may lead to the immediate cancellation of our date and being blacklisted. Please also note that my rates cover my time and companionship exclusively. Any other activities during our time together are personal choices made by consenting adults.

  • Where are you from?
    I come from a background of Belgian and Italian heritage, and I'm currently based in Brussels. I also travel frequently to London.
  • What is your sexuality?
    I identify as pansexual, meaning that gender is not a determining factor for me. I equally appreciate experiences with couples.
  • What services do you provide?
    I exclusively provide outcall services. My expertise lies in crafting an immersive GFE (girlfriend experience), an encounter where each moment is meant to unfold at its own pace and be relished to achieve genuine intimacy. My desires often orbit around the realm of threesomes; the prospect of joining you and a partner or extending an invitation to a friend captivates my imagination. ​ Kink-friendly, my inclinations lean towards submission, yet I readily switch roles based on the dynamic we embark upon. Submission, in my perspective, transcends the physical, delving into the realms of the psychological. As a switch, I can embody a beguiling innocence and submissiveness or transform into the provocative dominant woman that fuels your fantasies.
  • What kinks can we explore together?
    Body Worship, Breath Play, Bondage, CBTCFNM, Chastity, Clothing Fetish, Collaring, Cross dressing, Cuckold, Face Slapping, Foot/shoe Fetishism, Impact play, Latex, Leather, Gagging, Group sex, Orgasm Denial, Pet play, Roleplay, Sensual domination, Sensation play, Spanking, Tie and tease, Training and protocol, Trampling. ​ I prioritise consent above all else. Before embarking on any kinky activities, we'll openly communicate and carefully establish each other's boundaries. This thorough discussion ensures that our experience is not only enjoyable but also completely safe for both of us.
  • When & where can I see you?
    I am based in Brussels, Belgium, and exclusively provide outcall services. For the best chance of meeting me, it is advisable to plan ahead! Additionally, I am available worldwide upon request (Fly Me To You - FMTY). The minimum date length for FMTY is 6 hours, incurring additional costs for plane or train tickets, a 200€ travel supplement covering taxi and food, and the standard requirement of a 4-5 star hotel.
  • What is your screening process?
    I require the following details: Full legal name Telephone number ​ Additionally, at least one of the following for verification: Photo of identification (driver's license or passport) An invitation from your active LinkedIn profile to mine - I won't accept it of course A reference from a recent provider
  • What payment methods do you prefer?
    I exclusively accept payments in cash. Deposits can be made via Throne or a gift voucher. Please let me know your preferred option, and I will guide you through the next steps.
  • Do you require a deposit?
    A 25% deposit is necessary to confirm our date, and upon the completion of the screening process, I will provide you with the details for deposit submission. Note that all additional expenses related to travel and accommodation are your responsibility and must be settled in full before the scheduled booking.
  • Do you meet with people of X demographic / religion?
    I welcome clients of all genders, races, religions, and sexual orientations. My only request is that you adhere to my screening process. If there are specific accommodations or actions that would make you more comfortable, please communicate them in the booking form or via email.
  • Will you send me a selfie so I can see your face before my first booking?
    My privacy is of paramount value to me and therefore I want to emphasise that I will not, under any circumstances, share any uncensored images. If you have concerns regarding my authenticity, I encourage you to book a 15' video call with me :)
  • I want to meet you, how do I book a date with you?
    To ensure a seamless booking process, please complete my booking form provided here. Once our date is booked and confirmed, I can share my telephone number for convenient communication leading up to our meeting. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can maintain communication through email. Regular lovers are welcome to contact me via WhatsApp for scheduling or any inquiries.
  • Respect
    I expect to be treated with respect and dignity throughout our interactions, in the manner of a genuine gentleman. It is imperative that my boundaries be acknowledged and adhered to, as they are non-negotiable. Any failure to consider or any display of aggressive and unpleasant behaviour will prompt me to terminate the date, retaining the donation, and precluding any future engagements. If such signs manifest during our date, I reserve the right to cancel it without refunding the deposit.
  • Hygiene
    Maintaining good hygiene is essential. If, during our date, there is a lack of proper hygiene that is not addressed promptly, I may find it necessary to conclude the date early, and the full donation will be retained.
  • Privacy and confidentiality
    I value privacy and discretion highly, and for this reason, I choose not to display my face in photos. Please refrain from requesting pictures of my face or suggesting video calls. Additionally, I emphasise the importance of keeping any information shared during our date strictly confidential between us.
  • Dates of 3 hours or more
    For appointments lasting 4 hours or longer, a meal is required. For appointments spanning 6 hours or more, both a meal and an additional outing or activity of your preference are required.
  • Overnight dates
    During overnight dates, for optimal functioning the following day and to be at my best, I require 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Please refrain from waking me up and allow me to sleep until my alarm rings. During weekend dates, I also need 1 hour each morning for personal time. This practice ensures that I can fully immerse myself in our time together, devoting my complete attention to our date.
  • Consideration
    The payment should be provided by cash; within the first five minutes of our date. Emphasising discretion, particularly in public settings, I kindly request that you place the consideration in an unsealed envelope tucked inside a discreet item of your choosing—this could be something as simple as a book from my wish list or a gift bag.
  • Deposit
    A 25% deposit is necessary to confirm our date, and upon the completion of the screening process, I will provide you with the details for deposit submission. Note that all additional expenses related to travel and accommodation are your responsibility and must be settled in full before the scheduled booking.
  • Cancellation
    Life's unexpected twists can disrupt even the most eagerly awaited encounters. Therefore, while deposits are not refundable, they can go toward a future date in case of cancellation. In cases of no-shows and cancellations with less than 48 hours' notice, the full consideration (100%) will be required. Failure to comply may result in our inability to schedule future dates. In the rare situation where I need to cancel our booking, my aim is to promptly arrange an alternative date with you. If that is not possible, the complete deposit will be returned through the original method of delivery. It's essential to note that cancellation resulting from offensive or unsafe behaviour on your part will lead to forfeiture of the deposit.
  • Date extensions and same-day bookings
    In the event that our date proves to be so enjoyable that we mutually decide to extend our time together, provided our schedules permit, an additional 300€ per hour or 2200€ per day will be required upfront.
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